About Us

About Us

Our Mission: Prove, daily, that We Really Do Care for Your Eyes with each and every patient interaction:

  • By providing experienced and state-of-the-art eye care services
  • By offering patients the best selection of frames, lenses and contact lenses


Forty five years of excellence and commitment to eye care is what separates Family Optical Centre from other eye care providers. Our doctors are the finest and we offer only the best and most popular frames and contact lenses. Visit either of our two Rockford-area locations and see first-hand how We Really Do Care for Your Eyes.

You might not know if you are in need of eye care. So start with regular check-ups as they are essential to preserving your vision. Although symptoms such as flashing lights, sensitivity or redness may indicate the presence of a serious vision disorder, other vision problems have no warning signs at all and can hinder your sight. Annual eye examinations can detect such problems early on and proper treatment can prevent further loss of vision. Family Optical Centre, Inc. offers a full range of careful and professional eye care services including:

  • Comprehensive eye examinations for adults and children as well as sports vision diagnosis and therapy.
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and retinal photography designed to detect diseases and vision disorders.
  • LASIK evaluations, along with pre- and post-operative care.
  • A wide selection of eyewear, clear and photochromic lenses, sunglasses and safety glasses. Plus experienced opticians to assist you in selecting eyewear that fit your face, and ensure that your lenses are properly positioned.
  • Contact lenses prescribed to correct a variety of vision problems.

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